2020-Sfondo Hompage Sito_Tavola disegno
2020-Slogan Hompage Sito_Tavola disegno
Padova (Italy) 
 21 September 2021

The Event

Conference & Product Expo
One day of powerful talks and meetings

 + Intermittent renewables sources (solar and wind) lead to a radical transformation of the electrical power systems

+ The electrical grid  - 50 million km of lines around the world – is one of the most complex infrastructures in the world

+ Stability , reliability , safety in supply are the current challenges

+ Hydropower, energy storage systems, hydrogen and digitalized electrical processes play a key role

Expectations for the 8th edition:








The Expo

The exhibition area brings together companies and stakeholders.
Join the event as an exhibitor and experience the eighth edition as a protagonist!

The Conference

Experts coming from industry and university tells about their success stories and lessons learned.
Trend topics of the 8th edition:

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